Tracking/Record Keeping System

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Howdy fellas,

What system are you using for record keeping? KATS, K9track, Packtrack, KANINE, MS Excel, handwritten? When I was a handler previously, I used a pre-existing internet based system that is just used by DHS/TSA. I'm on my own for this one and looking at options. Any input and experience is welcome!
We used to use KANINE. I liked it, but supervision did not. The sgt's claim was that he could not customize it enough. We are now on handwritten forms.

I was unimpressed with a test drive of KATS. Very unfriendly to mobile devices and MDC. Still a pain with desktop. One of former handlers played with Packtrack, and did not like it.
We had our IT dept make one for us. We were able to customize it, and all of the storage is on our servers and not someone else's. The sergeant is able to review deployment and training logs for the entire unit without us having to turn in hard copies.

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Thanks for the input guys. I tried the free trial for K9 Track on iPhone/laptop. I like that I could input info right to the system while I'm looking at the run on the laptop for CAD/case numbers, etc. For $5 a month it would suffice, but I didn't feel it had the best quality. There were spelling and coding errors in the webpage that just didn't give me the warm fuzzies. Right now, I've just made my own excel document.
Currently using KANINE Visual Pro, paper logged prior. I like it enough but don't know any different. It's a little cumbersome and not entirely intuitive so we aren't taking advantage of all of it's features, but it has some nice things such as automatically logging wind/temperature etc. At the end of the year I print up all of my reports and still calculate my captures/finds etc by hand.

Recently, our cities firewall has been giving us hell so we haven't been able to connect to their servers and IT doesn't believe their is a resolution since they won't free the required port.