Tourniquet Application, marking time.


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I've had some training when it comes to basic gunshot trauma and first aide. Info I've had has been presented to me either by work or through seeking outside classes. I've noticed two schools of thought on the topic of marking time as it relates to the time of application on a TQ.

I just watched a Dark Angel YouTube video on TQs and after the application of the TQ marking the time on the little tag is mentioned.

I recall listening to the late Paul Gomez in his GSW Trauma (4 hour) course that it [marking time] wasn't necessary CONUS because ER protocol was the same whether the TQ had been in place for 30 minutes or a couple hours. ER docs would give some kind of agent or therapy for the accumulation of toxins or clotting or something any time the TQ was involved?

What is the correct procedure here? More knowledge is always better? Or like a blood type Velcro patch, it is largely ignored???


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Our understanding, per our instructor is the same. Not needed but cant hurt was his advice.


Really the only time I can see time being a factor would be in a mass cas situation for CONUS and OCONUS. I will throw time on when preparing the casualty for evac if I am not in a rush. For OCONUS operations time is not a luxury I have had after and event that causes the need for a tourniquet.