Thoughts on POF Revolution?

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Range for long distance and powerful enough caliber for hunting are both why I'm shying away from 5.56, particularly here in Colorado where minimum caliber for any decent sized game is .24/6mm.

A 16" 6.5 CM would be just about perfect, if I can find one that's also up to P&S's reliability and quality standards. POF makes one, but it's on a larger frame than the Revolution;

If they offered the Revolution chambered in 6.5 CM, I don't think I'd be considering much of anything else

.300 BLK/7.62x39 are legal in CO out of an AR Pistol for large game, and capable too. Above picture is a guy on a local forum that nailed that thing from 75 yards at about 9,000’ elevation if I recall. CMMG Mutant Pistol that takes AK mags, or a .300 AR Pistol. Slap a 1-4x or a T-2 on it and call it a day.

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I’m not a hunter, but I’d rather not hump even a lightweight .308 Gas gun around unless I had too.

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I had certainly considered a 300BLK pistol for this purpose, my reservation with that though is the lackluster performance at ranges more than a couple hundred yards.

I should note, when I talk about wanting a caliber that's also capable for hunting and long range, I do NOT mean "long range hunting." Just a platform and caliber that would be capable of taking larger game at reasonable distances, then the next day taking it out to the 800 yard range and poking holes in paper with not much more change in setup than swapping ammo type
Relevant to this discussion;

AAR from a police department in which they tested a full auto POF P308 to 68,580 rounds and couldn't kill it. Granted it's not specifically the Revolution platform, and it's a sample size of one, but it's still noteworthy. According to their testing the rifle maintained about 1MOA accuracy even after 66,000 rounds. Of particular impression is this statement from the final page of the report;

"As stated before we decided to continue testing the rifle to complete failure. To date we have not been able to complete this task due in large part to budget constraints."

Translation; they couldn't afford enough ammo to kill the rifle. That...Is impressive
I intended to rent a Revolution when I went to the range tonight, but when I got there the staff said their rental example was "down for maintenance." I inquired as to whether that meant regular wear-and-tear maintenance or if something had broken but they didn't have the answer for me tonight. They've got a note for their maintenance employee to get in touch when he's next in to talk to me about what the issue is, as well as the overall quality and reliability of their rental sample. Guess I have another excuse to get back to the range again soon when they have whatever the issue is fixed, but for now no shooting update...
Well, I went back to my range/store/gunsmith today (they're all in the same building) to drop my pistol off for some work. While I was there I went to ask about the rental Revolution. I noticed it was back on the rental rack - with a large "out of service" sign hanging on it...Asked as to why it hadn't been fixed since the last time I was there, the range attendant informed me that it had been fixed - And subsequently immediately broke again.

POF Revolution is off my list of options
Home defense, range toy, training, hunting, long range, SHTF, etc.
For my needs, the purposes you listed can't be accomplished with one rifle. HD/SHTF would be one setup, range toy/training would be another, and hunting/long range another. You could have one that would do all of those things okay, some better than others, but it wouldn't excel at any of them.

One way you could go about it would be to buy a quality lower, and an upper setup for each of those specific purposes.