Thoughts on FNS 9C

Just picked up the FNS 9C for EDC. It's a fairly new model, but has anyone else had any experience with it? Also looking for an IWB holster, and I don't think the Eidolon will have that model for quite some time. Recommendations?


Not at his post.
Back in December my local gun shop had a FN rep on hand one day, and he had a sample FNS .40 compact that I was able to try out. I was pretty impressed with the trigger, and it felt like shooting a 9mm even though it was .40

I plan on picking up the 9mm as soon as I see one in the shop.

The FN rep mentioned it would fit existing holsters for another company's compact already on the market, but I can't remember if it was the M&P compact or the XD compacts............