Thoughts on Centurion Arms Rifle/Pistol Builds?

Marty has been making good rifles and components for a long time. Last winter after I found myself in possession of a free DD 12.5 barrel, contacted Centurion. They allowed me to send the barrel and a CT warcomp and I bought the remaining parts for a complete upper. I am very impressed with the upper and would be eager to see what the Centurion barrel will be like. At the time, his wife said they were switching Barrel manufactures, I cannot confirm what new CHF manufacture they went with or if they changed at all. Direct comparison, DD and Centurion sell the same equivalent gov profile, CHF 12.5in barrel. There difference is that DD has a 0.076 gas port and the Centurion is a 0.064. I find that the DD is a bit harsh when suppressed with an RC2 and the 0.064 would be much nicer (caveat being I'm not a smith). For $1200-1300, I'd say the Centurion Rifle is solid choice for performance and value from other names in duty grade firearms.

I have the CMR rail (11in) on my upper and I am very happy with it. The MLOK provides some nice enhancements, but since all I run is a light/GripStop, I just went with the original CMR (G2) vs the MLOK. It is also only offered in a 10.5 length. I really wanted an 11.5 for a 12.5in barrel, but it wasn't available.

For 12.5 barrel choices that I know of: Hodge (CHF), Daniel Defense (CHF), BCM, Ballistic Advantage, Triarc (Midlength gas sys), Noveske and now Centurion Arms (previously out of stock for a long time).

That's what I got for this time. I suggest if you qualify, apply for their Mil/Leo discount. PM me if you want to know more about my particular build/prices/invoices.