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Thoughts for an active shooter chest rig

Discussion in 'Combat Loadout' started by Dr. Cornwallis, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. Dr. Cornwallis

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    The recent church shooter has brought me back to an old idea I had let go a while back, the all inclusive grab and go chest rig. I️ mostly abandoned this idea due to things I️ had read on the internet, which weren’t 100% wrong but also neglected to take into account that the mission drives the gear train and while some ideas may be less than ideal in some regards, those same ideas are excellent in others. After the judicious application of some simple thought common sense, I’ve realized this old idea is actually pretty damn good.

    The church shooter reiterated my idea that I️ need to have a way to quickly get into the fight with a long gun and appropriate gear; spare mags, hand gun, handheld light and knife. Seven years ago I️ wanted something that could do this and the Eagle Ind/SKD Chest rig fit this idea perfectly. This gives one the ability to throw on up to six rifle mags, a handgun, 2 spare pistol mags, folding knife and hand held light. All this in a light weight, secure, easy to don/doff package that can have you out the door in under 30 seconds.

    As a firefighter and civilian, I’m not always in fighting gear, in fact I’m never in fighting gear. On my off days, depending on what I’m doing my attire is usually jeans and a t shirt or gym shorts and a t shirt and a pair of Vans. When someone is outside your house wrecking shit, there’s no time to kit up with a base belt and battle belt as I️ may not even be in pants with belt loops, not to mention that takes valuable time and my battle belt without base belt is no where as secure as my chest rig. The chest rig offers the ability to carry everything I️ need, securely, while wearing nothing more than gym shorts and a pair of shoes.

    I️ used to keep this setup at hand until vest mounted holsters went out of style, and I️ absolutely understand why. The disadvantages are numerous and advantages limited, however, those disadvantages are, in my opinion, vastly outweighed by the pros in this very limited application.

    The disadvantages being a slower, more awkward draw stroke as well as no ability to have a second line system. In a perfect world I️ would prefer to run a second line belt with my secondary weapon, 1 primary mag, 2 secondary mags and a light and knife on the belt for the ability to drop my chest rig or pc and still remain armed, however, a reaction to an active shooter will most likely involve only one or a few assailants and will be fast and violent, thus the lack of need to potentially ditch your first line and have a second line to remain armed.

    The pros of this system are that you can get into the fight quicker with all the essentials. Vest mounted secondary arms can also be quicker or easier to access when working in a vehicle.


    The picture is sort of a mock up of sorts as I️ don’t have a holster solution for the G19 yet. The G19 does not fit in the pocket very well (sits too deep, nothing solid to protect trigger) so I’ve decided to adapt an AIWB holster to fit in the pocket. I’m going to get in touch with JM Custom Kydex to see if he can brew me up one of his AIWB holsters for a G19 with X-300. I’ll sew some Velcro to the inside of the pocket and attach some on the outside of the holster to secure it in place. This will both offer safety as well as bringing the handgun up slightly farther to make it possible to achieve a better grip during draw.

    As I said earlier, this setup has its drawbacks, however, in this limited application, I feel it’s a solid idea. I️t gives me the ability to grab my rifle, rig, trauma bag and be out the door in well under a minute.

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  2. 275RLTW

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    Plates/plate carrier

    If you’re going to throw something on and run into a fight, then plates should be a primary concern. You’re not bulletproof just because you have spare mags and a flashlight.
  3. This would allow you to have the G19 in a mag pouch while still being safe.
    They also make one for a G19 with a x300u on it.[​IMG]

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  4. Dr. Cornwallis

    Dr. Cornwallis Regular Member

    I’m aware, this is what I️ have right now. Plates and a carrier are in my near future. One of the reasons I’m strongly considering the First Spear/SKD STT carrier is its ability to be donned quickly. My budget thus far, though, has been mostly spent on training and ammunition.

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  5. Dr. Cornwallis

    Dr. Cornwallis Regular Member

    Thanks man, I️ had actually considered this as I️ could tie the lanyard off through the drain hole in the bottom of the pouch. It would be easier than my other solution, however, the lack of ability to re holster one handed concerns me.

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  6. If your going to reholster then the threat has ended and you have time to asses the situation and decide if you should reholster. Why is the gun going away if you think you need it and other than a duty style OWB holster I can't think of any concealment rigs that I can holster one handed. There is always clothing or somthing I need to clear to reholster. With both versions of the vanguard it takes just a second and then you can do it one handed if needed seeing as the triggerguard is covered.

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  7. Dr. Cornwallis

    Dr. Cornwallis Regular Member

    You have an excellent point.

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  8. MojoNixon

    MojoNixon Member

    The VG3 and AC XFER can be reholstered one handed even concealed underneath a pullover hoody.
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