The Ruger GP-100 project


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The goal of the project was simple. I wanted a pistol that would shoot groups the size of my fist at 100 yards off a simple rest (and do it as cheap as possible). After looking around. I went with a new 6 " GP-100 from Grabagun. After getting the gun in, I went with the M*CARBO Ruger trigger reduction kit, which had the springs, shims and 90 minute Youtube video on the step by step polishing of parts. The kit and process ended up redcuing both the single and double action pulls by around 50%. Next was a Weigand scope mount which dropped right in. The last piece was a used 2-6x Bausch & Lomb scope via Fleabay that came with some good scope rings. The end result:




Next was a trip to the Clark County Shooting Complex and the 100 yard rifle range:
The ammo I used for the first test was .357 Hornady 125 gr. XTP. I shot 50 rounds with no issues .
This was the last group out:
I think I can get it tighter with a little practice, but for now I am happy with the project so far...