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I believe that Roland mentioned there were some minor fit issues with G19's and KKM's into G34 holsters, but not enough to prevent the safe carry of one within the other. I believe this is reflected in Scimitar 2's picture where we can see that the KKM is much more square-cut at the fore, then the beveled nose of the G34. I presented the question poorly in the initial, in thinking it was a matter of length instead of a matter of shape.


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That sounds about right. The KKM is the same width as the rest of the slide area, so... yeah more square just like you said.


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Has anybody had to change out RSA to make them run reliably?
No need to swap RSA that I've seen now that I have more time on it. The only way I was able to get mine to choke is by running it bone dry (no lube) and shooting standard pressure 147gr ammo (about 900 fps). When lubed properly it runs.
Question, a sorta-local GS has the factory suppressor setup G19 (threaded barrel, tall sights) available. Is it worth starting with one of those to get the correct iron sights versus getting a standard 19 and changing the sights? I figure the barrel is going to get ditched either way.
I considered the same. When I did the math, at least around here, it was cheaper to go with the standard G19 and have the sights added later. But it depends on cost difference.
Then of course the follow on question is "Are the OEM suppressor height sights tall enough to clear the optic or is another brand used?"
That I don't know. I had the ameriGlo Black suppressor sights installed. One Google page tells me the G19 w/ threaded barrel and suppressor sights are ameriglo.