The "mercenary company" gear consortium.


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Greetings all,

Came across the above mentioned company out of wyoming, knock off JPC 2.0 maritime caught my eye (not a fan of paying for a brand name, like walther Vs. H.K.) as a project (how much abuse can a knock off brand take? As not all knock offs are Condor Factory throw outs)

Science experiment aside, also trying to be moral with my wallet, so I avoid some brands by default.

Any one have any insight to said company or product?



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You are entirely right but that was not the information I was asking for.

1. I am interested in testing this, but some organizations are just unsound, so before I send money, checking if some one has heard anything bad about said company... Like BDS in CA for example.


No personal experience with the company...

However; Every company I've dealt with that rips off another company's hard work says everything you need to know about them without wasting your hard earned money....


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I asked about these guys in another forum. The answer was they buy Chinese airsoft and then re-price it to look like a viable alternative, and sell it on a CONUS website to make it look legit. You want to say, hey maybe that's a new domestic company, that's a nice mid-range alternative, and that's their marketing plan, I'm sure.

I emailed them and asked them this, point blank, and got crickets.