The Best Firearms For Hunting?

What are the best Firearms For Hunting? There are many options available online but I want to know as the personal experience.


I've taken game with 4 different firearms... .410 single shot break action shotgun, Glock 17, AR15, and a bolt action 308.

The .410 works wonders on squirrels if you are fairly close. The G17 works on rabbits when its what you happen to have handy. AR15 will do rabbits to whitetail deer just fine. My bolt gun is honestly overkill for where I hunt, and a couple coyotes still live because I wasn't able to get a good snap shot even with my scope dialed down to 5x.

Really, that is a very broad question so as always when a specific answer is unavailable I give you... METTC dictates.
I mean I don't know about "best"

"Best" is probably some boutique European arms manufacturer or something costing 5 figures.

For the rest of us, As far as rifles go:

A Ruger American and Savage Arms 110 Apex are good platforms. Nothing wrong with an old R700, but supposedly the new ones are suspect.

Caliber Wise (Classics)
.223 REM is a good varmint cartridge, maybe up to a white tail. Any good quality AR 15 will suffice for this (Colt, FN, Geissele, etc)
.243 WIN will cover almost all your bases for Deer hunting.
.270 WIN is kind of the gold standard for Deer hunting.
.308 WIN will drop any deer, borderline overkill, pushing into Elk capable cartridges.

Anything bigger than that (.338, .340 WTHBY) will do you for Elk or similar.

I don't really know enough about the newer cartridges, but any of the 6.5, 6.8, or similar should all perform fine.

For shotguns, My Mossberg 500 I won in a raffle does fine. A Remington 870 would be equivalent to that. Both will get the job done.
Plenty of stuff nicer than that too, Benelli, Perazzi, Franchi, etc.

Pick your poison.

Otherwise, if you want "Best" there's boutique builders making beautiful stuff out there as well.

This also doesn't cover any of the weird specialty cartridges (Like .350 Legend) for places with unique laws. I don't live in one of those places so I don't use those calibers and really wouldn't know what I was talking about.