The 1911E1 project

Alright y'all, prepare to join me for the wild ride of finding out how badly I can screw up building a 1911! :)

So, a bit of background before we get into the crunchy bits. I'm working for a gun shop, where I am studying under the gunsmith when I can, and one of the projects he said I should undertake is building a 1911, and needless to say, it didn't take a while lot of convincing.

Now to the project itself. I settled on building one as close to the original M1911 as possible, without sacrificing the fit, finish, function, and usability possible in the "modern" custom 1911. I settled on calling it the M1911E1, E for Enhanced.

The parts list is as follows:
Caspian "Foster" government model frame.
Caspian slide, in the original government style, small ejection port and all, but with a novak front sight cut, because I don't want to deal with a staked front sight.
Kart Xact fit .45 ACP barrel. No excuses, I kinda chickened out on the serious barrel fitting on this one. I'll do it the old fashioned way on the next one.
The small parts are almost all Wilson bulletproof parts, excepting the trigger, from Harrison, the hammer, which is from STI, and the grip safety, which is a postwar Colt A1, which was the only government style grip safety I could find that wasn't a shitty MIM part.
Fitting of the slide begins tonight, and I'll update as it progresses. KIMG0135~2.JPG
Alright, I've been really busy this past week, but I did manage to squeeze in a little work every night. I'm about at the 5.5 hour mark, and the slide is about 2 inches onto the frame. I'm at the point where every couple passes with the stone causes the slide to fit visibly farther than before. I'd guess that I will have it fitting completely onto the frame within the next week, and then I'll be moving on to barrel fit. KIMG0219.JPG
Apparently insomnia is good for my productivity on occasion. I've got about 11 hours into fitting the slide, which is less than I thought I would end up spending. I started on fitting the barrel for before I realized exactly how late it is, so that will be a project for another day. 15969510157591759992274.jpg