Thanks Matt!! Quarantine Episodes.

I work for Kroger Gro Stores and as you can Imagine we are swamped right now. Im just finishing up an 18hr day. One of many this week. I just had to say thank you Matt for the Quarantine Mod Casts. They have made my days go by a lot faster. Im only on #4 so far but they are just Awsome. Keep up the great work and I really do appreciate it.

And get Ash Hess in on some of these if he hasnt already. Sure miss his stories!!

I have a new favorite on the Quarantine Mod casts. Stefanie. Shes awsome. Love it when you all give her a hard time. And she can talk as loud as she wants. LOL.
I know some did thumbs down, but thanks for having Ash host one of these. I have to go back and count but that guy can throw more Fbombs in a min than anyone I know.. LOL. Love it!!!!

And lots of Money!!! These guys have spent more of my money than....When they start talking about outdoor gear and Products......geeesh, I got a page of notes of companys to go look at. Steve and Chuck are just frigging gold for info.

Chuck has some great stories. He had me crying yesterday when talking about Navigation and being lost on Patrol. Frigging awsome.