Thanks Matt!! Quarantine Episodes.

I work for Kroger Gro Stores and as you can Imagine we are swamped right now. Im just finishing up an 18hr day. One of many this week. I just had to say thank you Matt for the Quarantine Mod Casts. They have made my days go by a lot faster. Im only on #4 so far but they are just Awsome. Keep up the great work and I really do appreciate it.

And get Ash Hess in on some of these if he hasnt already. Sure miss his stories!!

I have a new favorite on the Quarantine Mod casts. Stefanie. Shes awsome. Love it when you all give her a hard time. And she can talk as loud as she wants. LOL.
I know some did thumbs down, but thanks for having Ash host one of these. I have to go back and count but that guy can throw more Fbombs in a min than anyone I know.. LOL. Love it!!!!