Tap-Rack Tactical Tac Pistol / May 2019 / Janesville, WI


He likes RDS on pistols.
Always Be A Student.

This past May I had the pleasure of attending Bill Blowers’ of Tap-Rack Tactical Tac Pistol course. He was teaching this course the days right before I taught my RDS Pistol course at the same range (Janesville PD) so it made perfect sense.

The class contained the usual safety brief, intros, etc. This is not going to be a long AAR. I am just going to tell you why you should take this class.

1. Bill is an amazing shooter. In a world of long resumes but mediocre pistol shooting. Bill walks the walk. From short distances out to 25 yards, Bill demo’d everything with extreme proficiency. He also explains the why and how based on his experience as law enforcement. He balances speed and accuracy, giving respect to both, impressively.

2. He is frank about his way being a way not the way.

3. The entire range of pistol work is covered and held to his difficult standards. Up close and fast, up close and precise, medium ranges fast and with precision, reloads, malfunctions, . Again, his standards incorporate speed and accuracy. No one is getting patted on the back for a flawless 3 second reload.
The biggest impact Bill had on me was strong hand only shooting. I had always followed traditional wisdom and technique. Bill changed my mind and increased my performance. What did he say? Take his class and find out.

4. All related skills are put into context from Bill’s experience. Bill does not tell stories to fill time. He does so to provide specific context to what he teaches.

5. He is one of funniest dudes on the planet. His sense of humor relaxes those who are nervous about reaching his standards. It also motivates those looking to get to the next level through the highly applicable skills he teaches.

And yes, Bill and I are friends. He and I hopped into this crazy teaching business around the same time. He has been an invaluable sounding board for me over the last 2 years. For that, I am incredibly grateful. That said, this is training. It is serious business. If he was undeserved of my praise, he would not receive it. Hard stop.

Take his class with confidence that you will get better.

Scott Jedlinski
Chief Instructor
Modern Samurai Project