"Tactical" Jeans

The Duluth Trading flex work pants and flex jeans are all I wear in the winter. They're tough, reasonably priced ($50 or so with frequent sales and free shipping offers), and have a no excuses lifetime warranty.

I made fun of my wife for wearing pajama jeans until I bought my first pair of flex jeans. Now I won't buy jeans that don't have some sort of mechanical stretch built in.
I'm wearing Duluthflex Fire Hose Cargo pants for work now and I'm a huge fan. I'll probably be checking out their jeans in the not too distant future.
I have a drawer full of Duluth accumulated over the last 3-4 years. They have pretty much replaced bluejeans in my casual ware inventory. They are more comfortable, flexible, tough, and stain resistant than any pair of jeans I have owned since the early 80's. I wear the heavier weight materials in fall/winter, and transition to the light weight Duluthflex in spring/summer. The extra pockets are always well utilized for EDC carry, the pocket flaps do a nice job of concealing knife/utility tool/flaslight clips and phone access is easy. I have practiced martial arts in those pants and can still manage a turn kick to a 6' mans head, something I wouldn't think to even try in a pair of Levis...

Most importantly to me I don't feel like I am funding a preachy anti firearm corporation that over charges for cheap materials, sub par stitching, and tight clingy fits (Levi Strauss). If only Duluth was made in the USA they would be perfect. But I can settle for near perfect...


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2019 brings the release of the Tactical Distributors Legend Slim Fit jean. Ordered on Thanksgiving, arrived Saturday. Color is different, a little lighter, which I like. Not as much ran in the wash.

The fit. Slim fit it says. These are NOT skinny jeans. Not by any stretch. They are slim compared to the original Legend. A couple of the issues I mentioned in that review have been addressed. Not nearly as much room in the crotch as the previous pair, no leg to leg contact so that's about 90% improved. The cuffs are a good bit smaller. They don't flop around when walking. I laid the new pair directly over the old pair and you can see the difference. At least an inch was taken from the circumference of the thigh. Waist might even be a tech smaller but nothing drastic. The material does feel softer.

Front belt loops at 0100, left unchanged.

Good improvements and they are also a little cheaper than the originals. I'm happy with these.

These have been my go-to for the last year or so. I have two pairs. First pair I ordered a size up (35x30, Regular Fit) because I wanted to maintain comfort while carrying concealed; I should have just bought them in my size due to stretch. They don't shrink, either. Extremely comfortable, highly mobile, they hold their color really well, and there are a lot of pockets. Second pair I ordered in my size (34x30, Slim Fit). Fits really well, but their slim fit is tightish even on my non-existent calves and 22.5" thighs. Can still carry comfortably in them, though.

They're heavily discounted right now because they're about to release a new jean-style pant with some changes to the pocket structure and more belt loops as well as other enhancements.
Just got a pair of the new LAPG jeans in today. I've only spend about 2 hours in them and have no other "tactical jeans" experience so take this for what it's worth. For 30 bucks, I'm fairly impressed. I purchased a pair of their dark wash straight fit jeans in my usual size, 30×32. They fit true to size and don't constrict the wobbly bits which is always a plus. I've yet to get into anything too wild so I can't speak on their durability yet. Like most jeans, there's a little bit of stretch, so appendix carry with a G22 is no problem. The pockets are roomy without tons of stuff congregating at the bottom. I'm also a fan of the hip pockets, which will hold pmags, tq's and smith cuffs without much printing. The usual coin pockets are replaced by fullsize slit pockets on both sides that will fit fullsize glock mags with enough hanging out for a decent reload.
They look decent and honestly just look like a normal pair of jeans which is nice when you work plainclothes at a college occasionally. I'll update in a month or so when I've put them through the wringer.
I don't understand the complaints regarding pocket size for the 5.11 Jeans - I can fully insert a Galaxy S8+ in the front pockets with room to spare. A fully loaded PMag 30 might be partially exposed but they are jeans - not cargo pants. My only complaint with the 5.11s is they bleed dye for several washes - wash them with other jeans or by themselves for several wash cycles. Dry on moderate/low heat to prolong the lycra and fabric flexibility. Other than that they are good to go for jeans - I like the rear hidden pockets for mags.