Tactical Barbell

Has anyone used K. Black's tactical barbell strength training plan. I am curious how doing the same 3 exercises 3 times a week will work out for me. There are also 2 conditioning days, Anybody try this program out?
Ran it for a while with some mods due to equipment/life changes. The book never contradicted any of the strength and conditioning knowledge I had gained from other sources, to include books, articles, and videos on powerlifting, endurance training, and work capacity training. If you pick solid, big bang for your buck exercises like OHP, weighted pullups, and squats, you will make pretty solid strength gains. You will not, however, see the massive hypertrophy from a more bodybuilding-focused plan and you may not reach your aesthetic goals while eating to pursue your strength goals on the plan, since you would likely be eating in a caloric surplus.

There's a lot more about the plan and some of his mods on his own forum and reddit, though: http://tacticalbarbell.com/forum/index.php and https://www.reddit.com/r/tacticalbarbell.

I do suggest doing his basebuilding protocol first though; it just builds a layer of mental toughness and cardiovascular endurance that comes in handy when you need it.
Where tactical barbell shines is your ability to be fresh for every day activity while maintaining levels of strength and conditioning needed for your job (mil leo fire etc). It’s more about treating strength as a skill you need to practice than going to the gym to get smoked.