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Tactical Advantage Weapons Training LLC

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  1. Tactical Advantage Weapons Training LLC., is a Peoria, Arizona, based company that provides basic to highly advanced weapons training to civilians, contractors, Law enforcement/SWAT, and military members. TAWT LLC. also hosts premier instructor/ trainers locally to provide prepared students and local Law Enforcement agencies advanced training. TAWT LLC., can also customize training for any agency, unit, or group.

    My name is Lex Worthy, I am a former USAF PJ, 1973-1978, 33 year retired Glendale, Az Fire Captain Paramedic/ SWAT, Az POST certified firearms instructor, Tactical Medic, and TCCC instructor.

    Throughout my career as a SWAT team member, I always sought out advanced weapons training. I hosted many of the tier 1 instructors so that local shooters and agencies that either did not know about the availability of these instructors or did not have the budget to bring one specifically for their team training might have an opportunity to receive advanced training.

    My primary goal is to be able to provide stepping stone training to new shooters. And to allow them to progress to a point where they feel comfortable and competent enough to defend themselves and their family, prevent them from being a victim, and give them the confidence to seek out further advanced training and competition without being intimidated by the process.

    Tactical Advantage Weapons Training LLC.

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