Surefire's political donations


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Reading the comments in that article and other outlets, I could only wish people would objectively look at their argument then realize how dumb they look.

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Kind of relevant.

On topic. Am i the only one who feels we have more pressing matters than planning holier than thou games and virtue signaling when you have the opposition actively wanting to destroy the Bill of Rights? Maybe I'm just crazy. Or maybe I am willing to not slit my nose to spit my face because I am looking beyond the point right in front of my nose. (There's a RDS joke in there if you want to look) and am more worried about willing to war than cutting off my own limbs to feel that I am superior before a battle in which I need every advantage I can get.

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You know who benefits from this whole thing? The anti gun people. They’re just sitting back watching us tear each other apart about a company’s donations. The politics of business are entirely different from the politics of the individual.

I see people with large followings that create outrage and witch hunts benefiting

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If there are multiple equal quality products I start looking at other additional factors...

I am very libertarian,
I love my surefire WMLs (although I am also impressed with the recent streamlight products), I love my Benchmade infidel (only BM I own).

I wouldn't intentionally choose inferior product over lack of "ideological purity", OTOH I really hate paying people to kick me in the nut sack.

I guess for me it has to be a case by case type of thing.
Also am I the only one who doesn't care that BM cut up some guns for a local PD? Or question how that makes them "anti 2A"


If they had ever come out and said they don't support the 2nd amendment, or the 1st ,or the 4th, or that asians should be in chains I'd drop them in a heartbeat.
But because they are just trying to play the game and buy some access and influence? No... this is the epitome of that otherwise silly statement, "don't hate the playa, hate the game."
They had silencers and lights they wanted to sell to the military. Feinstein was on the committee. Makes sense to grease a few palms. It isn't right that it works that way, but this is real life.