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So I had a Hemoragic stroke & my rehab therapist scheduled a range trip to see how I’m doing. & what skills we need to work on

Had problems with semi autos (weak side operation of slide/controls as well as K & L frame revolvers (same kind of weapon manipulations) & some recoil issues on both pistols & revolvers

I am working on those skills & to overcome deficits both at home as well as with my occupational therapist

Question is after watching the modcast on mouse guns & learning about the 32ACP & 327 Federal Magnum would it be worth getting a LCR in
One of these 2 calibers

Nobody has a LCR in stock so I’ve got no idea about grip/trigger pull and such & would be going into this blind


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That sucks and I hope you're doing better. I've narrowly managed to dodge the stroke bullet, so far, per the docs. 22+ years of sneaking around in the dark (high stress, apparently?), living on coffee and energy drinks, high BP, minimal sleep, etc...not good.

I paid attention to the modcast in question too and found it very interesting and thought provoking, not that all of it hadn't been discussed on P&S previously, it's just been more relevant to me so I've paid more attention.

I will admit I've watched every Demonstrated Concepts YT video now and never thought I'd be one to recommend this, but if recoil, strength, etc. is an issue, have you considered going the LCR 22 route? I think I'm going to pick one up to play with and check it out. I've admittedly never shot a 32 or 327, so can't make a recommendation there. I do have a 351c in 22mag that I never would've considered carrying ever, but maybe that is changing.

Years of motorcycle riding, BJJ, farming/homesteading, and, maybe, years of shooting, have left me with suboptimal hand and finger strength, weaker grip, and more hand pain than I'd like, not to mention the fact that all the years of carrying gear on my back and belt have left me wanting less weight to carry around, and it all has me paying attention to smaller calibers and lighter guns.

Context is still everything and mission is still driving equipment. Heal up and stay safe.


I’ve never heard of Demonstrated Concepts till this modcast & now working on tgetting up to speed on his videos, sounds like he is in Colorado somewhere & I’m just North of Colorado a smidgen

I worked on a ambulance many years ago & had a barrel chested drunk shot in the chest multiple times with a .22 & it was all superficial damage so that really turned me off on 22 but times have changed & new 22 ammo designed for SD coupled with the modcast is making me rethink the 22


I would definitely suggest a Ruger or S&W wheel gun or semiauto in 22lr. I own an SR22 with thousands of rounds through it working through my own injuries and teaching kids to shoot. Put a suppressor on and it's amazing. I will also carry it from time to time when my back is acting up or I want a smaller auto than my P01. I also will carry the 642 in my pocket when I have the SR22. The factory trigger isn't great but I removed the magazine safety and had my gunsmith work a little magic and it's decent now.
The only drawback to the LCR in .22 is the trigger pull is significantly heavier than that of the centerfire models. This is necessary to set off the rimfire primers. The centerfire models usually run 9lbs. +/- versus 12lbs in the rimfire models. I would think that if hand strength is an issue, the heavier trigger would be a negative. The .32 version gets you 6 rounds with the lighter trigger pull and the flexibility to use .32 H&R or even .32 S&W Long if recoil control is an issue. The .32 S&W Long wadcutter load would be very soft shooting and should still meet the accepted penetration specs.

Another option would be something like the new Sig P322 or a SW M&P Compact .22. They're both single action pistols with manual safeties and loaded with the Federal Punch .22LR load, they would be very capable.


Left side is where the deficit is & right handed

Been shooting a .22 LCR and reloading with left hand is a issue been thinking about getting a speed loader & .22 blocks but still doing it slowly & frustrating but it’s good therapy

Have shot the Staccato P but the grip & posture stinks am quite slow but not bad accuracy all things considered

Looking for a 327 LCR if I can find one