Stop The Bleed Month and Day 2019 .


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Stop The Bleed Month May 2019, Stop The Bleed Day May 23.
Anyone teaching or taking a class?

North American Rescue looks to be supporting it. From their FB page:
"We provide the products - YOU make the magic! Be sure to take advantage of our 25% off sale for products under our ‘Community Preparedness’ category - use coupon code ‘NSTBM2019’ in the View Cart window - only valid for U.S. retail customers..."

Any other companies doing discounts?


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National Stop the bleed day is this Thursday. Anyone going to or holding a class for it?
I am doing some refresher clinics at my 2nd gig, Clark County Shooting Complex in Las Vegas, NV.
I made some affordable wound packing trainers out of some yoga blocks from Amazon:
I learned about making the blocks and the effort behind the Stop The Bleed from this podcast:

After watching Modcast 188, I went to and found a stop the bleed course near me. I'm glad I went. I had no medical training before the class; I went with a pen and notebook and learned about tourniquet usage and wound packing.