Stippling v/ Silicon Carbide for Pistol Frames

After listening to the pistol focused Gun Nerds modcast (Modcast 145) and hearing some thoughts about silicon carbide versus stippling polymer framed pistols, I wanted to hear some more thoughts on the topic. For example; is stippling more advantageous in providing better grip than silicon carbide, is there a significant difference in lifespan between the two processes, and any other information that y'all can offer. This is assuming equal quality work by experienced, qualified professionals working on the gun. Just looking for the pros and cons for both and what y'alls opinions and experiences with both. Thanks y'all.
silicon carbide tends to flake off as in youd have flakes of the material get on clothes, bags etc not really a big deal i guess

also it is not the most comfortable material when pressed up against the body and doing CCW..however as far as being a good no slip grip surface yes it is solid from what i hear..i always went the stipple route if its something new you wanna try give it a shot see how you like it..

the glock store process is pretty good if the gun is a glock
I was going to silicon carbide my 17.3. I was advised to try the abraisive talon grips first as a cheap way to see if I liked it. The talons were so effective that I saw no need to remove them. It really was night and day. I went from barely being able to hold onto the slick gen 3 frame to being able to grip it so hard that the frame flexes. I have tried drawing it from appendix a few times just to see what its like. It goes about how you'd expect. Similar outcome to running a belt sander on your stomach. If you've never held a silicon carbide eqipped pistol before it might be worth the $20 to try the talons out first just to be sure you'll like it.