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Steel Buffer Tubes?

Discussion in 'Carbines, Rifles, & Related Equipment' started by PizzaOps, Dec 25, 2017.


Steel Buffer Tubes

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  1. PizzaOps

    PizzaOps Newbie

    New to P&S. Apologies if this is a duplicate post. Searched for similar topics but couldn't find anything.

    I'm curious if folks on the board here have an opinion on steel buffer tubes. V7 for example makes one:

    Kind of an interesting idea. It's significantly heavier, but at the end we're talking 10oz total vs 4-6oz on aluminum buffer tubes. So 1/3 of a pound or so?

    They're also significantly more expensive, but I'm not really concerned with that part.

    Hive mind?
  2. PizzaOps

    PizzaOps Newbie

  3. I'd be more inclined to question the polygonal design of the buffer tube. The inside of all of my stocks are round, and I'm pretty picky about how my stock feels and this only seems to ask for trouble in that respect.

    VSeven has both intrigued and confused me from the jump. I have one of their 16" barrels and it is probably my most accurate barrel, and I have many stainless, match-barreled guns. Like Hodge and his AU Mod 2, VSeven has some Al Li receivers and what not. I think they have some some progressive work. However, I think they also have several things for the sake of sales...Ti where it may not be the best material...AL where it may not be ideal...etc. It takes some thought to separate the legit from the snake oil.

    BCM's tubes are impact extruded 7075T6 are Vltor and Magpul. I believe ALG is 7075T6 as well and Geissele is supposed to be bringing another to market under the GA flag that's even prettier. Unless you must have the added weight and are willing to pay the cost and deal with any gremlins, I don't see why one would look past the these tubes.
  4. Grizzly

    Grizzly Regular Member

    The big question for me is why? Is the 6oz really going to make that big of a difference? If it is why not glue some weights on your stock where you want them for even better balance. You could probably stick on tire balancing weights.

    That and this from the site "Mil-spec carbine length receiver extension / buffer tube". Maybe its because I just listened to the AR qc/qa pod cast but I just want to yell "come on man!" at them. They make a buffer tube of steel instead of aluminum, octagon instead of round, with an extra stock position and then call it mil-spec....
  5. Kain

    Kain Newbie

    I am kind of here. I know that I can add upwards of a pound to a Magpul ACS stock just by stowing shit in it, and that is just batteries, ear pro, and odds and ends. Not even trying to add weight. If you wanted to add weight I would say an extra 2 pounds would not be outside the realm of possibility if you got creative. At which point I have to ask why you'd want to do that, since if you are shooting a competition that it would matter you are likely running something that is fixed anyway and there are weights for that.

    If you are looking at it for a strength issue, I again question that unless you are mongo and wanting to buttstroke everything, and even then, the solution to a bent RE might be more a training change than a parts change.

    Last point, what are YOU looking to get out of this OP? Give the braintrust here the desire and someone can probably direct you to whether it is something you might have use for or, something that is just to separate you from money that is better utilized in shooting. My guess, and it is a guess, but one that is educated, is that the extra weight and strength is not going to make you shoot better unless you are already pushing the ragged performance edge.

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