Steel B8

Oak City Tactics

The B8 is arguably the most prolific training target within our community. It rivals that of the USPSA/IPSC, B/C, and A zone. We have steel representations of each but I don’t find a 5.54” representation of the Black B8 bullseye 9/10/x rings. One can find 8” plates representing that added white 8 ring but not 5.54”. Has anyone ever seen one or have any thoughts as to why this is?
I don't find it odd. With 5.5" steel you are either holding to the 9-ring standard or you aren't ...or whatever size steel you have. Its going to get hard to track a center hit that might be X or 10 after a few rounds....

Pretty hard to make steel into the bullseye scoring game with its Yes/no, check plus or check minus system of grading.
Closest you're going to get is a KYL rack and custom plate sizes for 9, 10, X-ring's if that's the way you want to go.