Start up of a Glock pistol inspection/service/parts replacement

Assume you are a Glock Armorer and get the task of inspecting and servicing a fleet of Glock pistols. The pistols are Glock Gen3 22 & 23 and are all personal owned by each security guard at a private security force here in the United States. The pistols have seen little to no inspection or repair unless it failed during twice a year qualification target shooting.

Each pistol will be individually inspected, cleaned and parts replaced as needed. There are approximately 100 pistols to be serviced. Most of the pistols are 4 years old with some being in service for 10+ years.

1- Would you go for replacing every spring in the pistol, using all new Glock factory parts?

2- What other parts should you have on tap to be installed?

The goal is to ensure each pistol is in top quality service condition and something you would not hesitate to take 10-8.

I have a fair amount of experience with the .40 caliber Glock platform. The agency I work for has close to 400 Glock 22's issued out. We are in the process of transitioning to the Glock 17 platform agency wide due to the maintenance issues involved.

Parts that I would say are essential are locking block pins, slide stop levers and magazine springs.

Use only factory parts.