Springer Precision X-Series magwells (bigger and smaller than OEM)


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These will work on X-Five and X-Carry grip modules that are compatible with the OEM Sig magwell (including the LE PRO models) - One smaller profile for IDPA ESP or concealed carry use and one larger profile when concealment isn’t an issue and you want the biggest possible margin of error (competition/open carry duty use);





Also note the extended magazine release on the Legion in the first picture, soon to be released according to Springer’s Instagram account. That should be compatible with any grip module other than the SubCompact size, and reversible for us lefties.

While I don’t have any experience with these specific products, I have had Springer’s ESP magwells installed on all of my standard Compact P320 grip modules and love them. Springer is top quality fit and finish and I can comfortably recommend any of their products (I am not associated with or compensated by them in any manner, just a very satisfied customer and user of their products)


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Anybody out there using the ESP Duty magwells that can report on their experience?

I have three Compact grip modules with the ESP magwells installed by Springer’s gunsmiths and they’ve all been excellent. The quality, fit and finish is top-notch and the X-Series magwells should be no different. I can confidently recommend their P320 components to anyone interested in them