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Speer 5.56 Gold Dots - 55gr vs 64gr

Discussion in 'Ammunition' started by Jameskac, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Jameskac

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    I'm looking at stocking up on self-defense ammo, and I've decided Speer Gold Dots offer a good balance of price and performance. Both the 55gr and 64gr varieties have been well regarded in the literature I've seen, however, I've yet to see any head-to-head comparison between the two rounds.

    Does anyone have this data available? The higher velocity of the 55gr round seems appealing, but the 64gr appears to be more widely used.

    Additional details:

    My primary AR-15 has a barrel twist fast enough to stabilize both. I have historical oddities (M16A1 clones) with 1:12 barrels, but I don't predict having to defend myself with them.
    Barrier-blind performance isn't a major concern, as I can't forsee any defensive situation where I'd need to shoot through auto-glass. If this is a flawed assumption, I would be happily corrected.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. ggammell

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    FYI Speer changed production of the 64 to 62 grains to match the market. There isn't supposed to be any performance difference. Just so you don't kill your elf looking for the 64 from dealers.

    Don't discount barrier blind solely based on auto glass. Drywall and other garbage can get into the way too.
  3. C Walley

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    FWIW, PSA had the 64 gr variety for sale @ $6.99 a box the other week. Don't know if the sale is still on or not though.

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