So you want a helmet for comms?

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In my experience, the people who tell you to find the sources yourself are typically the people who are spouting BS.

Maybe you're wrong, maybe you're right, but the fact that YOU cannot provide sources as to whether or not this affects the ballistic integrity of the helmet speaks for itself.


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I’m no longer in the Marine corps anymore, I use this for ranges during drill periods and what not.
So then you would agree that this isn't a duty grade piece of kit anymore, correct? I think everyone here is just worried about it being abundantly clear that this isn't anything more than an arts and crafts project now and isn't a piece of life safety equipement.

For the record to anyone reading this thread, if you want a training helmet you can get a bump helmet of your favorite flavor for $300. If you are wearing a helmet professionally and are going to be putting a $1k worth of comms on it and have $10k worth of NODs hanging off the front then you better damn well spend the grand to get a real ballistic helmet from a reputable helmet.


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Alright full stop here. This thread will reopen if proof can be provided that cutting a helmet doesn't degrade it's ballistic capability - but that goes against what the MSA reps have always told me. Don't even drill extra holes in your helmet, much less cut portions off if you want it to perform as advertised.

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