So...KKM to clean these F'ers?


There's some nice hard deposits nestled at the bottom of my comp and a nice pointy carbon buildup hanging off my front sight.

How are you all getting the carbon out of these comps?


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Haven’t gotten to that point yet with 8,000. How many rounds have you got down the pipe?


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I’ve got 20k down mine. I cleaned it once with I believe BoreTech carbon cleaner.

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I have about 30K through my comp.

Soak in Slip Carbon Killer, then take a dental pic to it.

If you want to save some time, hook a brass brush up to a dremel and go to town.

If you're super lazy, buy another one from KKM for ~100.


Haven't cleaned a comp, but I'd recomend putting it in a ultrasonic bath with a mix of simple green and water.


I second ultrasonics. Basically own one for suppressor cleaning, so same thing: carbon, carbon, carbon. I don't do most of my brakes because they are on rifles and my ultrasonic is too small, but for a pistol, totally would immerse this and let it ride.

So many notices about Simple Green attacking aluminum and some plastics I don't even have it in the shop. There are ultrasonic cleaners for guns that are safe and super effective, so get a bit of that along with it. Hot water. If the cleaner doesn't heat, or heat much, get the hottest thing that comes from your tap to start with for the water part.

It may take a couple rounds. Pull and scrub with a toothbrush, wipe away residue (much will now wipe, but not all falls off) then re-immerse until clean.


That's a great point about aluminum. I forgot that I have the special Al safe stuff in my shop, and most of the things I clean (engine parts for cars) are steel anyway.


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I don’t have any KKM comps but I clean my Springer Precision comps every couple thousand rounds by soaking them in solvent then scrubbing with a tooth brush, that seems to work perfectly well for me


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I use SLIP Carbon Cleaner and a soft brush every couple thousand rounds.