Snakestaff Systems Tourniquet


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It's not CoTCCC approved, so avoid it. This applies to every other tourniquet, if it's not listed on CoTCCC it is not to be trusted over the current variety of proven tourniquets.

Specific to this model, the narrow strap has been shown to be a bad idea previously. You will notice that all CoTCCC approved tourniquets have straps at least 1.5" wide. The website you provided does claim that they are working on a wider version that they will be submitting to CoTCCC. If it gets approved I'll be interested, the design does seem to be a more compact CAT style.

But again, unless and until it achieves the same approval as CAT-7, SOFT and other established tourniquets, this is an untrustworthy thing sold on the internet.

C Walley

Thank you for this info. I currently carry a CAT, and saw this a compact option. I'll stick with the CAT ;)
Im not qualified to speak on the medical capability of this device.
However, I’ve been experimentally carrying one of the wide versions in my front pants pockets whenever im able too, for almost 3 weeks.
The form factor means it can easily be slipped into the pocket of a correctly fitted pair of jeans or chinos, if you keep the windlass against your leg it doesn’t print in an obtrusive way.
The size difference makes a significant difference in both comfort and realistic carry/concealment.