Snagged a 10c

So I couldn’t pass up the killer price on cdnn for this banger at $379. I currently carry my P01 which I love. But... it was my first CZ and the wife gave it to me as a Christmas gift back when we didn’t have children( the $$$ days) . So over the past year I’ve been watching the 10c on the groups and seeing how it’s been performing. Unfortunately the majority of fb members who have it shoot as much in a year as I do in one trip. So I decided to grab one. First impressions, it’s comfortable. It fits my hands like a cz. The trigger is a decent striker trigger. Coming from competition where my S2 and SP are both identical in the trigger category running at 1.8# and .125” take up to wall with zero creep. The striker takes a bit to get used to. But it’s fine and will fill the roll perfectly. Which is to have a reliable carry gun that has Zero emotional value. As far as internally goes... it’s legit. Machined parts. With very nice finish on them. No stamped metal. And while the stamped metal works.. the craftsman in me refuses to accept it as quality or the price. Face it, modern vehicles won’t be around in 40 years. But my 1970 C10 is still runnin strong.
I’m hitting the range Monday and plan on borrowing a few more mags from my buddy so I can run this thing. Plan on 500. But maybe more. I wanna 25 yrd it and see it’s accuracy. And log any issues. My last 4” sized striker left me selling it two weeks after buying it, with a very bitter taste in my mouth. I’m hoping this thing runs as well as it feels. I’ll keep you all posted.
FWIW, I moderate on CZ FOG, im not even posting on there anymore. Trying to cleanse my brain of the nonsense. I’m not perfect, but I’m trying to improve on life. Not get frustrated.



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They've already announced the CZ P10s (sub compact) and P10F (full size), so you are right about a smaller frame. Cajun Gunworks already has some parts for it as well for internals that they believe could have been made better. I have a P-07 and the P10C (with RMR and HBI Trigger). I really liked the HBI trigger/striker upgrade for it as well. I will admit I did jump on upgrades before really putting it through its paces, so just shoot it a ton as people really like it straight out of the box. I can't comment on OEM since I upgraded so quickly.

Also for those who also have a P-07, you can send your mags off to get the front cut for about $8 a mag so that it works with the P10C (ambi controls) as well, saving a ton in mags. I know how 7 mags between the two guns.

My P10C is my main ccw/off duty carry now. I love both my P07 and P10 equally both for different reasons though