SLR15 1911 Pistol Armorer Course, Sauk City WI

"Restricted to Law Enforcement"

When: September 24, 2018

Location: Sauk City, Wisconsin

Cost: $250 (Register Through Our Website or Contact Our Office). Space is limited


Sully (the lead instructor for this course) and SLR15 Rifles has been featured in SWAT Magazine, Guns & Ammo Magazine Tactical Guns & Gear Annual, Shooting Times, Gun Digest, Guns & Weapons For Law Enforcement Magazine, and Precision Rifle Magazine. Our Armoring Courses have been taught for several decades all over the country.

The course covers the 1911 series type handguns. All students will have the opportunity to inspect their handguns and make any repairs/corrections in class to insure that it is in top working order. This is a hands-on class that will entail custom fitting of parts, so expect to be doing lots of hands on work.

This course covers:

History of the Weapon System
Cycles of Function
Complete Disassembly & Assembly
Identification of Common Problems and Parts
Custom Fitting Parts (Beaver Tails, Extractors, Hammers & Triggers, etc)
Identification of Group Components
Extractors (Internal & External)
Cleaning and Maintenance
Barrel, Frame & Slide Inspections
Ballistic Issues
Crown Repair
Parts Interchangeability & custom fitting of parts
Trigger & Hammer Removal, Cleaning, and Replacement
Safety Replacement
Accessories and Customizing
Tool Options and Selection

All tools, manuals, and anything else that is necessary is supplied. Students are required to bring their own 1911 Handgun to get familiar with their own configuration and modifications, plus this allows the time for a good thorough cleaning and inspection, plus we can replace and repair any parts necessary.

If anyone would like this course in their area, please contact us to make arrangements about getting it coordinated, all we need is a suitable classroom for a course and we will be there, the host gets a minimum of 2 complimentary spots.

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Greg Sullivan "Sully"
SLR15 Rifles
(763) 712-0123