Slim ankle IFAK carrier.

I've had the Ryker on my ankle over a Danner Acadia boot for about a year of uniformed patrol work. I filled it with an H&H mini compression bandage, two Halo compact Chest seals, and a pack of quick clot. It is comfortable enough that I can barely even feel it and it has not lost any contents while running or fighting. I was running a North American Rescue 4" ETD flat bandage before the H&H. The NAR fit ok but it caused the kit to swell out enough that the ankle cuff of my tapered uniform pants would get caught above the kit, exposing it. Switching to the H&H fixed that issue entirely.


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I forgot to take my Ryker AFAK off for a domestic flight recently, got pulled aside had to answer a whole bunch of questions relating to what I was carrying before I remembered I had it on me, it's dangerously comfortable.