Simunition Shoot House

My agency is in the process of building a new training facility and a part of the project is a dedicated space for a non-ballistic shoot house/maze system for force-on-force simunition training. I have done a lot of research, but I'm looking for anyone who has hands on experience of a particular product/company they would recommend.

My goal is to have a solid product that wont fall over if bumped into, but also easy to reconfigure a room set-up without having to have a bunch of tools and 10 guys to move walls that takes hours.

Appreciate any feedback.

- Mike


I built one a year ago for our team. I started out with a similar goal as you but quickly abandoned it and went with a semi permanent structure. At the end of the day, a truly quick to reconfigure structure was just not durable enough as people went through it. What i did do was build everything as modular 4x8 sections framed in 2x4 and sheathed with 1/4" osb. Door sections are also 4x8 self contained sections. They are bolted together and to the floor as well as having upper stability braces put it with bolts. While not truly quick to reconfigure it is modular enough to change around if needed. In the end I think a well thought out layout that addresses common tactical problems is more important than being able to change it on a whim. Next up for me is a few walls sheathed with butcher paper around the door sections to address the realities of non ballistic interior walls on tactics.


I am confused by "non-ballistic shoot house/maze system for force-on-force simunition training." UTM/Sims/airsoft are ballistic. Need to contain the shots and best for UTM/Sim because of the conversion from real guns to be able to contain real bullets if there's a terrible mistake. Doesn't have to be strong enough to maintain a steady diet of live fire, but nice if it's 100% safe even in contingencies.

Agree that soft stuff is good for classes, demos, but not day to day. Best use of it for "permanent" shoot houses has been folks renting the UTM stuff, to figure out their final config, drawing it out, then building the structure around that.

What have you got to work with as the base? Is this open land, building like on a range? In a warehouse space? Etc?

*A* room or hallways and multiple rooms? Stairs? Will doors be breached (mechanically, shot, or explosively) ever, or just be doors to be pushed open? Etc. etc etc for expected needs.

Budget range - slash - who will be doing the work if you build from scratch? Handy people on your staff or city workers or actually hiring contractors?