SIG TXG Grip Module for duty?


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I spoke to the guy over on IG. I inquired on a grip module that would either have a full magwell or take aftermarket magwells. I had the intention of building an open gun. He asked me what needed changed, I explained the divisions and the division rules with links. Then next thing he ghosted and never responded after being initially very interested.

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In my experience communicating with them they’re not the most responsive one on one particularly through social media, but they do respond fairly well to popular consumer requests once they hear things from enough people. I’d recommend either calling or emailing them from their website to open a dialog with someone and bypassing their social media manager
I didn’t think they were so large as to have a SMM. The way the exchange happened, I commented on one of their photos and then they PM’ed me. At this point I’m just on standby with the project. I don’t think the tungsten will work for the project. If they make it, great. If not I won’t be holding my breath.

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