Sig P365 Information Request

It's come to my attention that SIG has made serious efforts to improve upon the P365. My question is this.

Who has solid data (not the opinion of YouTube personalities) on the pistol? The size and capacity make it extremely attractive.
What kind of data are you seeking?

I have shot in excess of 3,000 rounds through a pair of them. I picked up a second slide a few months back and had it milled for a Shield RMS-C red dot sight. Have put 500 rounds through it without issue, for a total of 1,500 on this particular one.

Gun #1 had a single failure to eject within the first 200 rounds and was an early production model (pre-X-Ray3 Legion sights).

Gun #2 was trouble free for the first 1,000 rounds, but had three failure to eject malfunctions within the first 12-round magazine after swapping slides to the RDS equipped slide. 500 rounds later and it’s been trouble free. This pistol is capable of sub 1.5-inch 5 shot groups at 25-yards with 124-grain Federal HST.

It is extremely accurate for its size and very shootable for a subcompact pistol, compared to all of the polymer-framed single-stack 9mm on the market (which I realize the P365 technically is not). The S&W Shield would be the next most shootable, i.e. ease of operation, drawing, accuracy, lower splits, etc. in my experience. I have not shot a G43X or G48 yet, so I’m not sure how it compares to either of those pistols. But I have substantial time on all the other single-stack 9’s and the P365 is my choice for a subcompact pistol.

I typically carry the pistol AIWB in a polymer APX holster by BlackPoint Tactical. The pistol disappears when carrying the pistol with the 12-round magazine, obtaining a full firing grip on the draw is natural and comparable to a Glock 19 in my experience and almost as shootable with light 115-grain range ammunition. When shooting +P duty loads, the pistol reminds you of its smaller size.

I do like having the ability to insert a 10-round flush-fitting magazine and having the option of ankle or pocket carry as a back-up or carrying in non-permissive environments, or bumping up to a 12-round extended magazine for additional leverage over the pistol and loosing only three rounds when compared to a G19 and using it as my primary carry pistol. I don’t feel undergunned like I do carrying a single-stack 9.

This is just one guys opinion, but I trust the pistol.


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I bought one last spring (gen3?) specifically with the intention of pressure testing it. I shot the first 1200 rounds without cleaning. Second cleaning at 2000, third cleaning at 2500. Have shot 200-300 hundred more since.
Everything on the inside looks fine no excessive wear. The majority of ammo was 115gr and 124gr blazer brass ball.
Also ran 100 rounds of 124 gr HST, 50 124gr HST p+, and 150gr HST micros. No malfunctions.
The only hiccup I had several times was a couple rounds going tits up while loading mags. This was simply due to the strange angle of the extended pinky mag using a lula.
I found the gun excellent in every respect and the most enjoyable micro gun to shoot. I found my accuracy and recoil management to be superior to my G43 which is still my default sub-compact carry.
I plan on getting a second one in several months that will probably end up being the new default.