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Sig P320 thoughts

Discussion in 'Handguns, Holsters, & Related Equipment' started by Cody m, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Cody m

    Cody m Newbie

    Not exactly an upgrade, but I have two compact slides and one appears to have some material removed from the underside and one does not. Maybe to lighten the slide a bit.
    Also just received my full-size RX model and the rear sight almost fell out of the dovetail after two mags. These were the first shots out of the gun.
  2. Cody m

    Cody m Newbie

    Here is a view of the "lightened" slide. 20170124_195335.jpg
  3. JPitts0117

    JPitts0117 Newbie

    I've been debating on picking up a 320 but have yet to pull the trigger. My current duty/edc gun is a g19. The modularity of the system really intrigues me, and I absolutely love the trigger from my experience with it. Anyone able to offer a good comparison between the two?
  4. Thresher8-8

    Thresher8-8 Amateur

    I can not give you a definitive answer on why we are looking to switch. I am not on that committee. My guess would be we want a striker fired pistol but have too many anti-Glock people.
    I was looking at the RX b/c of finding out about the potential switch, price and Sig warrant of the whole system.
    I also just got an email from an extremely reliable Safariland man that the holsters for several variants of P320 are 4 months away.

    Thanks for the input.
  5. SCSU74

    SCSU74 Member

    Wow, not exactly confidence inspiring, although I can't say I'm surprised. Sig is spreading itself way too thin and QC is suffering.
  6. Cody m

    Cody m Newbie

    Fail #2 for Sig. Lense cracked after dry fire practice and now have two dots in my FOV. Luckily my shop helped me out and just refunded my money. Not impressed with Sig right now. 20170205_155051.jpg
  7. SCSU74

    SCSU74 Member

    That's the first I've seen the lens crack there. There have been a few reports of it cracking on the front side. I guess Chinese glass isn't up to snuff
  8. azerious

    azerious Newbie

    Man I hope they fix these issues.
  9. OK-5-0

    OK-5-0 Amateur

    I spoke with my local Sig rep at our range. He said he would not use the Sig optic for duty use. Implying there were better options out there. He spoke of his own failed experience with their RDS having power issues/connectivity issues. He sent back his.....twice, then returned it all together. That being said he advised Sig will be upgrading their RDS in the future (time frame unknown).

    I run a full size Sig P320 as my duty gun and love it. I would like to see them do what Glock did for the MOS and have the option to run a non Sig brand RDS on their slides.
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  10. ajsomp

    ajsomp Newbie

    Short answer yes. Long answer, it's going to take time. A lot of conversations going on about getting rid of the .40 cal first and foremost (but I think as the department shifts to 9mm the CG will follow suit) The quickest way it will happen is if one of the other agencies (ICE...) fully adopts and does the leg work, gets it into the system, and "proves" it can be done. It is a lot easier if a sell than a transition to a Glock, since the gunners mates are mostly Sig armorers as it is, and accessories like holsters shouldn't really need to change (though I'd have to fit test to be certain?). Personally, the quicker we can ditch the DAK and the .40 the better off we will be. I've personally cracked two frames and one slide since we transitioned from the berettas. While those had their own issues (locking blocks) they were tanks which took thousands of rounds, I think my first 229/40 problem was within 6 months of issue.
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  11. SCSU74

    SCSU74 Member

    Did you see the X/VTAC models from shot? it looks like they are trying to go that way, hopefully the adapter plates don't take forever. That being said I'd still rather just send a slide to ATEI/Housel and have it milled for the specific optic I'm using. Safariland ALS holsters are supposed to be coming out shortly for the 320 w/ RDS.
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    MOLON_LABE Regular Member

    Good info, appreciate it.

    Velocitas, Opprimere,
    Violentia Operandi
  13. OK-5-0

    OK-5-0 Amateur

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  14. Abuchanan

    Abuchanan Newbie

    Does anybody have hands-on the new X-five yet? i guess it can be had with discounts for around 750.
  15. spinmove_

    spinmove_ Newbie

    So are there any instructors that are seeing multiple samples of these guns coming through classes? How are the 10 round magazines faring in these guns? Thinking about eventually picking one up as a 10-round magazine ban state pistol that I can carry in lieu of my G19. I'd rather have something that size instead of a Shield.
  16. basko

    basko Newbie

    FWIW, I participated in a test shoot which included the full-size 320, compact as well as carry models. We shot several thousand rounds through those guns (as well as others).

    I love the feel of the 320 in the hand, the trigger is excellent and the gun is very accurate. Probably the nicest shooting out of the box gun I've had hands on. However, we experienced very weird ejection patterns and repeated fails to extract. About every 5th ejected case hit me in the forehead. I love the gun, but until I'm 100% certain they've sorted out the ejection issues I can't bring myself to trust it. This was late last year though...
  17. hellion

    hellion Amateur

    What in the hell kind of dry fire do you do? Because that lens didn't crack from pulling the trigger...
  18. JohnsonCityTN

    JohnsonCityTN Newbie

    Just an update. I just rolled over 3k rounds through my p320 carry. The upgrades are a GG flat trigger (absolutely fantastic), trijicon HD's, a stippled frame, and a tlr-1HL.

    I've still not had a malfunction using a variety of 115 and 124gr 9mm. The gun keeps working and with a shitload of dry fire and grip practice, I've been able to shoot the gun faster and more accurately than previous.

    With clark making a keroman for the p320 now, it's going back into my summer carry rotation.
  19. hellion

    hellion Amateur

    How many pounds is the GG trigger rated for? Does it still save the same reset as the factory trigger?
  20. JohnsonCityTN

    JohnsonCityTN Newbie

    The GG Pelt trigger cuts about 2 pounds off of the stock trigger. Reset is more or less the same, unless you use the GG trigger return spring. Their return spring will take off a wee bit more weight, but will affect the force of the reset. Some guys don't like it and keep their stock spring, other guys like myself don't mind the slightly less forceful reset.
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