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Have we covered lubricant for the shotgun? I searched for the subject (as best I could, still learning this forum thing) and nothing came up.
Obviously whatever I use I'll want to test.
I have slip2k on it right now but that seems to thin (it looks dried up)
Appreciate the help!

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Greg "Sully" Sullivan

The Mossberg 590 pump action, like most pump action shotguns, do not require a lot of lubrication to make them function. What we teach in Armorer courses is that anything that is made of steel could rust, so it needs a light coat of a gun lubrication with a rust inhibitor. Then look at the firearm to see where you can find any shiny areas where the metal is rubbing the metal, as these areas do need lubrication to reduce the friction.

My personal preference is Slip2000 "EWL" Extreme Weapons Lube. It does a great job at reducing friction. Does well at rust protection, isn't going to burn off in heat, and it works well in cold weather (My experience is that it works well in temps down to -37F.

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SLIP EWL goes on everything.
I used to use their grease but returned to oil only after a lubrication lecture from 360 Performance Shooting.