Shotgun Light Mount

So given how I have been a gun guy, and how I have been running a shotgun for home defense for jeez going on 4 years this is a very embarassing questions for me but...

What is a good light mount for a 12 gauge mossberg 500. I have seen the Elzetta mounts and I did try some cheap mount from walmart, but that thing broke after doing some testing on my zero with slugs and running through a standard load of my defensive ammo(5 in the gun crusier ready of 3 inch buck, 5 on the gun in a side saddle with a slug)

So with that being said, what is a decent mount to put on a mossberg 500, and a decent light that isnt going to break the bank but will do what I need (illuminate and positively ID a target out to 25 yards, I don't need a big heavy flashlight putting light out beyond where the effective range of my gun is out front adding weight and throwing off balance)


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We have some shotguns running with Streamlight TLR-1's on them. We use 870's, but I suspect you can mount similar rail pieces on a Mossburg. That said, most of our shotguns aren't run very hard.
The TLR is relatively inexpensive and the rocker switch allows some flexibility on how you mount and activate. I believe they also offer a tape switch option, but I'm not sure how practical that would be on a shotgun.
I can double down that the Surefire DSF ^that^ appears to be the best option for a pump gun. It is ambi with user programmable switchology which is nice. It's a little pricier than some of the simple mount options available but I think for the reliability and the fact it's the only effective ambi solution I have seen it is definitely worth it. (I'm a lefty and the boss lady is a righty so Ambi is an absolute must for all our guns)