SHOT Show 2020?

Didn't see a thread for SHOT 2020, so figured I would start one. This is my first year going (I'm media), and, uh, I have no plans yet other than to figure out what parts of the floor I'm hitting each day. Suggestions?


Comfy shoes!
Lots of hand sanitizer and enough vitamin C to OD on everyday!!

Whatever you plan just be ready to get side tracked. You'll cover a lot of the same ground multiple times but it's ok just be ready for it
Start taking vitamin C today. Avoid shaking everyone's hand. Download the app and use the map to program the stuff you wanna see. It will be a very overwhelming experience on your first trip. Between all the airsoft cloners, TTI and his hareem, the dudes creeping around to get pictures with their favorite youtube/instagram action star, and the actual buyers it is a weird mix. Go to after parties, hangout at the circle bar and make friends, try and see everything you can. Most importantly, tell all your friends that don't get to go how awesome it was.
Skipping this year.
Have been as an agency buyer the past couple years and observed the controlled chaos.
As a media member don’t get upset if someone redirects to those with a purchaser badge. We’re checking on equipment and spending hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars with some of the companies.
Here’s a fun fact. The guy in mulitcam is not an “operator”. The unassuming but fit guy in a dress shirt just may be.

Oh, and if you go to the Crye party you’ll wake up in an alley........with herpes......and a new wife.
The SF dudes are usually in board shorts and sandles. Except Chuck who was sporting a suit and tie. He was basically the high point of the show for me. Good "Ted Talks" on support gear at BFG booth. Kinda like the lone prophet crying in the wilderness though. Overwhelmed by derp at every turn in that venue.