Shooting .308 in 7.62x51 chamber

Hey guys. I get mixed responses on shooting .308 in 7.62x51. Some say yes and the ones that say no site things as .308 cartridge pressure, brass thickness, slightly different headspacing. What's the official word. I just purchased a SCAR 17 and don't won't to screw it up or myself up.
Thanks in advance.

Chris Taylor

Random Factor of the K Power
SAAMI does *not* list it as a potentially unsafe combination.

They do list 5.56x45 in a 223Rem as unsafe, so it's an issue they would worry about.
In a SCAR you're fine. the difference between the 7.62x51NATO and the .308 was the original pressure spec for 7.62 was 55KPSI, and the .308 was 62KPSI. The chambers, barrels, etc are identical. You only have to worry about this in older guns (much older guns) like small-ring mausers that were converted. Some original 1950's production FALs will beat themselves to death shooting .308. It's important to know the difference.