SERT Ministries (Anti-Human Trafficking)


SERT Ministries is a Christian ministry involved in anti-human trafficking, however, unlike many organizations that simply exist to raise funds/awareness of a need, SERT is "boots on the ground" doing not only evangelism, but physically searching and rescuing trafficking victims domestically and worldwide.

"Rudy Gonzalez, a former USMC Reconnaissance Marine and Police Officer turned Pastor, trains, equips and leads teams to seek and save those who are lost, lonely, hurting and afraid. It is our desire to move from a place of complacency to action so that the lost can be rescued and restored.

We are a team of people that believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and his faithfulness.

SERT Ministries has seen people rescued and not turn back to their old life style because of the mercy and grace that Jesus has extended.

We specialize in rescuing those that are involved in Human Trafficking, and we know that Jesus can set them free. We’re willing to go into the high ways and by ways to rescue them, from doing surveillance, to digital searching online, to being able to communicate with them face to face, and partnering with others including Law Enforcement, loved ones, agencies, we will do whatever it is we need to in order to get them restored to Jesus and their families."

Their budgeted costs of operations often exceed that in which is regularly donated, but they make it work, acting on faith, and proceeding anyway.

For OPSEC reasons, more information can be gathered from the ministry itself. Donations can be made at the above website on the "How to Help" link.
I'm not sure what qualifies as "vouching" for someone, or to what end you're asking. But, I'll tell you this; Rudy, the head of SERT is one of the finest people I have ever met, and, after spending the majority of my adult life in law enforcement and rubbing elbows with .mil of all types, I don't say that lightly. Every single member of the team that I have worked with is as genuine as they come. In this forum of "warriors" and those who appreciate them, I'm certain this ministry will gain the respect and appreciation of all who come into contact with them, both in the spirit of their ministry, and their unabashed willingness to be on the front lines, doing a job that the military and law enforcement are all-too-often unqualified or unable to do.