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SC Shooters Sound Off

Discussion in 'Eastern Region' started by Shootlogic LLC, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Hey guys. We wanted to start the SC subforum off and hopefully get to know some of our SC members. So, if you are a SC guy/gal that is a member here then sound off!
  2. IEDmagnet

    IEDmagnet Amateur

    So... if you're wanting to know about South Carolina... I'm here. If you're wanting to know about something else... you lost me and I'm out.

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  3. Just creating a thread for fellow SC forum members to meet and greet.

    We have been thinking about a possible meet and greet/drill day at our facility.
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  4. White Zombie

    White Zombie Newbie

    Recent transplant from Augusta to Aiken reporting in.
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  5. IEDmagnet

    IEDmagnet Amateur

    I'm in Clemson, worked in Anderson before that. I'm a die hard Gamecock... even if I do work in the pit of Hell.

    Hey White Zombie, I spent a lot of time on Silverbluff Road and Whiskey Road when I was a kid. Half my family was down there.

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  6. Thanks for joining in guys. We do like to see fellow SC members and we have the ability to put something together for the SC guys. We'll see late summer.
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  7. Mike C

    Mike C Newbie

    I'm in SC. I don't post here really, mainly just come to soak up some info. You guys bring some great talent into the area and I've been meaning to get out and see your facility/register for some classes, unfortunately the timing just hasn't worked. Do post up when you have a solid time frame, I would be interested in coming out.
  8. I'm in Summerville. Took pistol course with PatMac at your facility last summer. Count me in for a local get-together. Willing to help organize and set up if needed. Maybe we can get the new P&S Carolina's Facebook group together for a cookout and some pews.
  9. rbsnipes

    rbsnipes Newbie

    New Guy here, at MUSC in Charleston currently. Shootlogic LLC hosting the PATMAC classes late 2018?
  10. IEDmagnet

    IEDmagnet Amateur

    Welcome here.

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  11. mattexass

    mattexass Newbie

    Augusta; its sort of close enough.....

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