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    FFDJEFF Newbie

    This is my first post here. I was told that Primary and Secondary was the place to come for information.
    I am in the market for a SBR, 10.5 to 11.5", good quality build. This will be used as a truck gun for defense. I have looked at the Danial Defense MK18 but was told yea it's a good gun but there as good or better for cheaper. Looking for a good weapon not cheap. I may get a thousand recommendations but thats cool, I will have a place to start.

  2. Longeye

    Longeye Established

    Defense from what? People? Coyotes? Ground squirrels? All the above?
    Are you going to suppress?
    I assume 5.56, not .300 BLK.

    Given the system that the AR is, what you are really asking is: Whose barrel? Everything else is personal preference. To wit rail, gas block, muzzle device, charge handle, etc.

    Go with the usual suspects. BCM, Colt in 11.5" LMT or DD in 10.3". BCM, LMT, LaRue in 12.5".

    There are Hodge and Archer, but I have no experience with them. Knowing the principles, I expect they would be solid guns.

    I strongly recommend 11.5 over 10.3 or 10.5". And I suggest taking a hard look at 12.5" and 14.5" options.

    Or make it easy and get a SCAR CQB 13.
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  3. Jeff there is a multitude of companies making amazing guns. But what I would recommend is look at bcm 11.5 or 12.5. I have a bcm kino which ive heard amazing reviews about. Basically a mini dissapator. I have yet to take it out and really test it. Also look at possibly building your own. That way you can put everything you want on it and not pay all the extra for what you dont want.
  4. Matt

    Matt Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I would recommend against building your own rifle from parts unless you've had some formal training in that task, especially if it is intended to be used as a defensive rifle. While it is not difficult to assemble some parts and get a rifle that shoots, if you aren't an armorer or gunsmith then you don't know what you don't know. That could lead to unforeseen problems in your rifle down the road.
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  5. I agree i was speaking more on the lines of buying parts and taking to a local gunsmith or armor to assemble the chosen parts. Im sorry for not clarifing.
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  6. Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor Random Factor of the K Power Staff Member Moderator

    Any of the usual suspects... DD, MI, LMT, BCM, etc.

    I'd go with a 11.5" over a 10.3", and a 12.5" over any of the others. Minimal size penalty, better ballistics, can go up to mid-length gas for a softer shooting gun. Not much bad to be said for the 12.5".
  7. Longeye

    Longeye Established

    For sure! The 12.5" is probably the best balance of velocity potential, pressure characteristics, handling, dwell time, and overall handiness there is.

    Wes Grant told me the 12.5" is Pure Fucking Magic years ago. On his advice, I bought a Noveske 12.5" barrel from him with a headspaced LMT bolt- He was right. It is the most accurate AR of any configuration I have ever used.
  8. StaccySpeck

    StaccySpeck Amateur

    I am using a Noveske 12.5 Afgan for my SBR. I would agree with Longeye on his entire post.
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  9. Beastmaster

    Beastmaster Member

    Considering a BCM for potential duty use. Was set on 11.5 but I'll look more into 12.5 with the praise here. Is there a preferred barrel profile? I tend to get lost in the pros/cons of gov profile, EWL, CHF...
  10. Longeye

    Longeye Established

    BCM 12.5" makes it easy. The company only offers one profile (govt), and it is chromelined. It is a good all around barrel. In addition to the Noveske which I still have, I ran a basic BCM 12.5" for patrol for a few years. I switched to a KINO for a while before returning to a free float configuration.
    If you will be running legacy handguards, the KINO is the one to get. The extra 2" of handguard is helpful, especially if you add a MOE handguard.

    If you will be going free float to take advantage of MFAL, etc then the standard BCM offering is great, and slightly cheaper.

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  11. Austin Black

    Austin Black Amateur

    Is the BCM CQB12 still being sold to civilians? I'm trying to find one and it's proving very difficult

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  12. Old thread but my here's my .02. Love my PWS diablo 7.5" and my MK110 10" both run everything flawlessly even in the moon dust grit here in SW Idaho.
  13. KAC SR-15 CQB

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