Santa Rosa Police Department (CA)

For a little more information, trainees earn $5685/month while attending the academy, and top step officers' base pay is $8359/month. Our patrol officers work a 4/10 shift for Monday-Thursday, or a 3/12.5 shift on Friday-Sunday. Shift sign-ups take place each 6 months. Officers can earn up to 5% extra for proficiency in Spanish, and special assignments also come with incentive pay. We also have a shift differential for those on swing/graveyard shift. I think new employees are coming into the PERS Retirement system on the 2.7% at 57 plan.
Yes indeed--if you wish to live in the California utopia, then Santa Rosa PD is a good agency to be with.
Thanks Doc and Angus. We are in the rare position of finding ourselves fully staffed at the police officer rank, although we are still accepting applications in anticipation of future vacancies. We are still holding one Sergeant vacancy, but will likely fill that relatively soon.