Safariland ALS w/light compatibility for G45 with PMM comp and RMR/Holosun

I searched a couple of the forums but didn't find much on this. I'm curious if anyone has any experience running the G45 with the Parker Mountain Machine comp and optic in a ALS duty rig. I'm guessing the 19 sized slide with comp would require a G17 or even G34 length holster and plug kit. Unfortunately I've only seen this holster offered for the TLR1/Surefire style lights and nothing for the TLR7/8.

My concerns are with reports of the ALS system hanging up on the G45 forward serrations. As much as I'd like to have the extra working surface available, I wouldn't want it to sacrifice the ability to draw the pistol when needed. If that's the case, I can probably get away with a G19X. Heck, the contrast and pop of the FDE gun over gray uniform might even get me style points.

It really doesn't matter whether its a 6000 series or 7000 series holster as the department has a hodge podge of both.

Any input or experience is greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!


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G34 length holster is the best to go with; if anything it gives you wiggle room.
The ALS does not hang up on the front cocking serrations. The issues arise from the gap created by comps that are no contoured to the muzzle.
Roland Special: flat front of slide, flat rear of comp. G45 special: contoured front of slide+flat rear of comp=gap.

David Mayeur

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You could use any Glock 34 length RDS holster. Don't be as concerned with the plugs, they are less of an issue than people make them out to be. Plugs are used to stabilize the muzzle. It's more important on a G17 and G19 with a light than a 34, but can still be used without them.
Run a 19x+ ppm+ uboat in my 6354 buckets for range larping. I can post a photos or videos if you need of it’s retention on it or whatever can help. I run a g34 mos with front serrations a majority of the time and that has never had hang ups in a 6354 hell even my TTI combat master doesn’t snag in a in a 6354
I’m on my phone sorry if the punctuation and grammar are boned.