Safariland ALS holster with P226 RMR

Disregard previous email! I’ll definitelt try it. I know you did yours with a 6390RDS, so I’m wondering if this will fit a P229 as well, since the holster you worked with is made for both a P320X Full, as well as a P320rx carry. Will your above modification work for the shorter P229/P320 carry? Thank you!
@Nlivsey, Did you end up fitting your P229 in the P320 holster?
Not him, but I use my 320 PDS holster that I modified with both a 226 and a 229.
Thanks for replying. I just picked up a 6390RDS for an P320 XFull with x300 off the recent Safariland Sale. Which RDS holster did you modify? Would you mind describing what you had to do to make the 226/229 fit? I’m concerned with the 229’s larger width (+.2 inches over the 320 and 226) and if there is much work needed to modify the holster to get it to fit. From the bottom of the trigger guard to the top of the slide, the dimensions are pretty close.