Safariland 6390RDS with P320 fit issues


So I ordered a Safariland 6390RDS-4502-731 for a SIG P320 that I'm running with an MRDO and a Surefire X300U-A (for perfectly in spec with what the holster is intended for). Now, unlike my other Safariland 639X series holsters, this one has a very exaggerated inward bending portion on the left side, at approximately the positon between where the grip module and the light would be if inserted directly. And damn it, for every 5 draws and reholsters, I get the X300U-A caught up on that protuberance that definitely makes the optimal reholstering aperture very small.

Can this be heated and bent slightly back or shaved/sanded down without ill effect? Is this structurally essential to the holster or the retention? Does this serve any necessary function that modification of it would hinder?


It can be modified as I’ve done with mine because I had similar issues. That being said the holster was designed a specific way and we accept the risk if we choose to modify it. I’ve been running mine every day for a few months this way without issue. 3C75A642-6259-4398-9CF3-0551C40B1054.jpegC1A1DDEF-F93B-4DA3-BF27-1CFF98B382FE.jpeg5413FB2D-6011-4B73-B8FD-2CCA19EEFDEB.jpeg


It rubs, and if you're running a 17 or a model with a thumb safety it rubs on a Nub Mod.

Reholstering is a deliberate act for me that has me point the muzzle through the holster at a spot a couple feet in front of me setting the x300u in then rocking the gun perpendicular and then down. Easiest way I've discovered to avoid the hangup you describe when reholstering.

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