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Saber Solutions LLC is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to develop innovative equipment for the military and law enforcement operator.

We seek to provide hardware that pushes the envelope in function and to break the mold of traditional design. Everyday we strive to produce high-performance, dependable, and cutting edge answers.

All of our gear is made in the USA and our commitment to the war fighter and protector is steadfast.

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The latest product on our site is the Magazine Pouch Liner for AVS M4 Flap

The magazine pouch liner is an insert for the SOCOM issued Crye Precision Detachable M4 Magazine Flap, a component of the Adaptable Vest System (AVS).

The insert provides clean and rapid removal of magazines, especially those with protruding features like the PMAG GEN M3's over-insertion notch.

Exterior features hook compatible fabric. May be compatible with other single M4 magazine pouches that feature an elastic band around the pouch body.

Comes individually or in pack of three. Magazine not included. Made in the USA.