RFI Walther PPS M2


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I'm a Glock guy, I've been shooting Glocks before there were any M&Ps, XDs, 320s or 365s. I like the platform. I'm not an armorer but I understand the system.

I'm consdiering a smaller pistol for certain situations after carrying a RSish pistol for a few months. Something to wear in business attire all day long everyday. No suit jacket and a tucked in shirt with causal pants, not cargo pants, would be best.

I could easily just buy a Glock 43 and make it work, but I have two other pistols to consider and one of them is the PPS M2 and the other is the Sign 365, not the XL.

I've never shot one, would appreciate any info on this pistol for this application.

Thanks in advance.


It’s very flat and looks thick but it kinda helps the overall fit. It shoots very very well for its size. By that I mean it’s easy to control and is very accurate.

The limiting thing to me that put the 365 over it was capacity.

If you can get your hands on one and it fits your needs I’d carry it with confidence. 8522A9C8-F541-42A7-94F0-8ED1BB90E4BE.jpeg


We only had it for a few months t&e. Appendix and 4:30 IWB with some generic shaped plastic holsters we have that accept several pistols. To me, and this is purely anecdotal It seems like it works better at 4:30 because of its wide flat form factor. I feel like appendix is a better way to carry and I can conceal better in that manner so size and shape are less of a problem and again I’d prefer kore capacity. You’ll have to get your hands on one at a range and feel it out.
I’m sure someone has more time on it than I do and can better advise. I shot just over 400 rounds through it. And it ran well.


I carried and still own a PPS M2. I have nothing bad to say about it. It shoots well for its size, is reliable, and has good ergos. Its only downfall for me was its capacity compared to some of the latest offerings. I ended up replacing it with a 43x as my slim carry gun when I'm not carrying my PPQ. The 43x with the Shield Arms mags holds 15+1 without a magazine extension, and I carry a spare 20 round magazine, which is the standard Shield Arms magazine with a 5 round extension. That's 36 rounds compared to the 8+1 with an 8 round reload on the PPS, more than doubling capacity.