RFI Velocity Systems SCARAB DLX

I've been shopping for a plate carrier since May. I'm on the notification list for Ferro Concepts but if you don't see that notification for a day, they are gone. I'm just sick of shopping. I found a VS Scarab Dlx. I asked before about a 5.11 PC and you guys helped me avoid spending money on a sub standard product. I just wanted to post this before I made a $300+ mistake.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Can't find that in stock ANYWHERE?

Which brings up the point if you have any leads on any vendors that make an adequate product that is actually in stock, would really appreciate a PM.
Been looking a Ferro Concepts Slickster, LV-119 and the Scarab LT.

The DLX is a small amount more, has internal standoff feature for better breathability (maybe marketing) and is actually lighter than the LT.