RFI: The Idaho Suppressor Company


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Looking for info regarding The Idaho Suppressor Company, aka, BallistaSupressorsDOTcom, aka RivermangunworksDOTcom out of Cda, Idaho, and not finding much.

There may be reasons for that, or not.

They make suppressors under license from hardyrifleengineeringDOTco.nz/index/

On their website they show a OTB type of can, but they also make a "barrel forward" can.

The latter has a Ti tube and a Ti monocore.

I think it might be this model https://hardyrifleengineeringDOTco.nz/product/99-ar-15-suppressor/#.WmF7bf6Qyos

Question in particular - is the lack of a stellite or Inconel blast baffle a show stopper?

Intended application is Colt 6933's (11.5" barrel, semi-auto, for those who don't know the Colt catalog) used for LE patrol rifles.



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Update - Rick Gallia of ISC sent us one of their barrel forward cans. Put about 1,500 rounds of .223 through it with a Colt 6933.
This is a 12 oz Ti, monocore, thread on can. It has wrench flats at the rear of the can, which is nice.

I mounted it snug with copper antiseize and used a paint pen to make a witness mark for a visual indicator of it coming loose.

It has performed very well for us. No excessive blowback, no loosening up, no visible wear of the blast baffle. It's a relatively short and light can, and the weight and balance of a 6933 is such that it feels like a 6920.

Tested for sound against a GT G5-T, AAC 556-SD, and 762SDN6 (that's what we had on hand). Had some of our guys standing nearer and farther away listening for sound comparison. The ISC can was the quietest can by a small margin (next quietest was the G5T).

Agency price is $600. Individual LEO price is $700.


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More -

This can is not rated for full auto.

Having said this, we did extended and rapid firing drills with it such as the Viking Tactics Half and Half Drill, and some others, and didn't notice any issues whatsoever. We did not do any "torture" tests on it. We merely used it the way it would get used for LE purposes: carried a lot, shot a little, and shot a little, to a lot, in training.

At 100 yards with Speed 75 Grn GD and Razor HD II 4.5-27 on a new Colt 6933 I achieved sub moa with it, so this can doesn't hurt accuracy at all.

I talked with another agency that has about 20 of these in use on their SBRs and they report they have been getting good results for the past ~ 2 yrs with this can.

Spoke with Dan Hardy of Hardy Rifle Engineering in New Zealand (they are 22 hrs ahead of my time zone,) and learned a bit. Really nice guy. His company has quite a diverse product lineup of cans (check out their website). In NZ, there are no legal restrictions on cans, so they are extensively used by the shooters there. They can do a lot of high volume shooting esp on smaller critters ("culling").

So, in an era when it seems everyone with a lathe and/or a CNC machine is building cans, this seems to be a good choice for the intended purpose I have a few other things to get and then I may buy one myself. It's light enough that I forget it's on the gun, esp compared to my other cans.

YMMV, sample of 1, and all that.